What defines ARCADE CHIC?

When I was growing up, there was nothing like stepping into an arcade, with its dayglo colors on black carpeting, brightly lit game signs and the smell of popcorn and sweets wafting through the air, as you made your way to a hopefully empty game console of your favorite video game. Mine was "Centipede".

As I cycled through all of the amazing pieces that Glow Geometric finds and curates to sell for you, it began to dawn on me that the "arcade" was......a look. A really cool one, that could be interpreted into a way that was sleek, sexy and colorful. I created a scenario of what it might look like if Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man purchased a condo, possibly in the city of TRON (2010 version), decided to take their video game world and translate it an interior living space. With this inspiration, Arcade Chic was born. 

After compiling the pieces into a full collection, it blew me away how many things could actually fit into a fun space like this. The look as we interpret it here at GG, captures all things geometric, bright, neon and whimsical. What this means is, salad servers in the shape of Pac-Man, teapots and their accessories in vivid metallic colors, tables & seating that look perfect for jumping off of to grab that golden coin and of course a Pac-Man phone.
All of this brought together in a house in my mind that video games built and video game characters inhabited. Why wouldn't Mrs. Pac-Man invite Qbert, Super Mario, Luigi and a few Space Invaders over for "Roast Ghost & a lovely fruit salad"? Completely rounding out Sunday dinner with her own commissioned salad serving set, that looks like her!!! It was just too good to leave alone.        

So take a moment, check out our Arcade Chic Collection for fantastic pieces that speak to that 1980s arcade geek in all of us!!!