The piece that started it all.....

In 2017, I had been selling vintage since 2010. I had managed to create a niche for myself within the world of Midcentury Modern which focused on Italian Hand-Blown glass of the 1950s to the 1970s.

This had proven to be a very lucrative space for me as I was one of the earliest vendors that helped to launch the "Vintage and Market Finds" division of One King's Lane and many other online retail venues at the time, including & Joss & Main. Somehow, something didn't feel right.

 I always came from the philosophy that had 3 components:

1. "There is enough out here".....for everyone to be a part of this amazing vintage world market that we are a part of.

2. Just because I sell the same or similar item as you, it doesn't mean that you have to try to ruin my business.

3. Back to "there is enough out here", but applying this to the consumer. Every 10 years a new generation is introduced to our space and this is a new stream of consumers to get excited over.

These three components, had been tested so much where I no longer enjoyed what I was doing. I grew tired of it. Period. I grew tired of the pretentious nature of my contemporaries, the rudeness and frankly the immense nasty competition that had emerged.

Then, in 2017 this little pastel colored clock happened or should I say appeared on my Ebay feed somehow and for me it literally was a virtual "mic drop". Interestingly enough, a few years before, a colleague had asked me, what do you think will come after Midcentury? My answer, even then was, the 1980s. Funny enough, at the time we both turned our noses up and gave it a little side eye and then we proceeded to talk about all the dreadful things our parents houses had contained. However, I didn't have the term "postmodern" or "Memphis Milano" in my artillery.....YET.

After receiving my lovely little pastel geometric clock in the mail, my vintage world opened up again and all of a sudden it looked brighter, happier, a little more crazy, whimsical and slightly askew. I absolutely LOVED IT!!!

So began the story of GLOW GEOMETRIC.  My little universe of 1980s & 1990s treasures that orbit around a specific idea, Geometry. For me, it must always have a geometric, shape inspired aesthetic to it, this is my niche, MY offering to this particular space of vintage. The truth is, yes, I definitely came a little late to the party, but I now have my very own space of gorgeous objects that I find and ultimately curate in great collections for my followers and customers around the quirkiest themes and its an absolute BLAST!!! 

So, sorry babes, I love ya, but my pastel geometric clock that started it all will NEVER go up for sale. I did, however, want to share my inspiration with the world. So I created an enamel pin of my clock that can be purchased here.

As a closing thought to this particular post, I do want to say, when something begins to draw energy from you, specifically in a negative way, its fixable. Eliminate it or at least find a way to begin phasing it out of your life. Chances are, it won't stop pulling energy from your spirit, so you have to be the one who identifies and fixes it. Just had to get a little cosmic for a